Vacancies at the University of Copenhagen

Here you can see the matching vacancies at the University of Copenhagen.
Job Deadline
Associate Professorship in molecular biofilm biology 23/07/2014
One Postdoc position available in synthetic glycobiology in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet 31/07/2014
One Postdoc position available in synthetic glycobiology, Department of Chemistry 31/07/2014
Ph.D. position in Basic Metabolic Research 31/07/2014
Postdoctoral Fellow in Metabolism 31/07/2014
Postdoctoral position - Characterizing poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation by MS-based proteomics 31/07/2014
Professorship in Veterinary Clinical Pathology 31/07/2014
Two Postdoctoral Position in Proteomics and Cell Signaling 31/07/2014
2 Postdoctoral fellowships 01/08/2014
PhD Fellow Position Niels Bohr Institute 01/08/2014
Postdoc on e-DNA metabarcoding 01/08/2014
Professor of Veterinary Radiology 01/08/2014
Two PhD scholarships within the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences 01/08/2014
PhD scholarship in Plant Molecular Biology 04/08/2014
PhD position in OLIgo Mass Profiling (OLIMP) 05/08/2014
PhD fellowship in Computational Pharmaceutical Materials Science 15/08/2014
Eight fixed-term Postdoc/PhD positions at Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate 18/08/2014
Associate Professorship in Experimental Particle Physics 31/08/2014
Associate Professor in the Sociology of Religion 01/09/2014
Professorship in Russian 03/09/2014
Tenure-track assistant professorship in Archaeology 04/09/2014
Tenure-track assistant professorship in Religious Studies 04/09/2014
Postdoctoral position in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning 15/09/2014
Professor of Higher Plants and Curator of the Botanical collections 15/09/2014
Tenure-track assistant professorship in Spanish language 01/10/2014