Vacancies at the University of Copenhagen

Here you can see the matching vacancies at the University of Copenhagen.
Job Deadline
PhD Scholarship in Precise Genetic Engineering Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences 21/04/2014
PhD position: Study of the consequences of anaemia 22/04/2014
PhD scholarships within Computer Science 22/04/2014
Postdoctoral position for four years in the field of contemporary Islamic archaeology 22/04/2014
The Faculty of Law has openings for the positions of external lectureships. 22/04/2014
Assistant professor within the field of Sociology of Science Education 23/04/2014
Fixed-term (5 years) Professorship - special responsibilities within Exercise Physiology and Health 23/04/2014
Ph.d. scholarship or post.doc position in biostatistics 23/04/2014
PhD position within the context of DANSTEM at Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (ICMM) 23/04/2014
Post-doctoral position in the area of Plant Pathway Discovery 23/04/2014
PhD fellowship in Computational RNA Biology 24/04/2014
Position as Postdoctoral fellow in Medicinal Chemistry of Antibiotics 25/04/2014
Professorship in Plant Molecular Biology 25/04/2014
Associate Professor in Evolutionary Ecology 27/04/2014
A postdoc position in the section for Biologics 30/04/2014
Associate Professor in Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology and Climate Change 30/04/2014
PhD Fellowship in Molecular Neurogenetics 30/04/2014
PhD Fellowship in Membrane Receptor Pharmacology, Structure & Function 01/05/2014
PhD Position available in Chemical Biology: Chemistry (PhD-grant) 01/05/2014
PhD Position available in Chemical Biology: Combinatorial Methods (PhD-grant) 01/05/2014
PhD scholarship in Economics: Health investments and Retirement 01/05/2014
PhD Scholarship in Theoretical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry 01/05/2014
PhD scholarship Understanding Intergenerational Transmissions 01/05/2014
PhD scholarship: Mathematical Psychology 01/05/2014
PhD scholarships at Copenhagen Graduate School of Social Sciences 01/05/2014
Postdoc Position in Molecular Microbiology 01/05/2014
Postdoc Position in Molecular Microbiology 01/05/2014
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theoretical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry 01/05/2014
Postdoctoral Positions at the Department of Anthropology 01/05/2014
Two PhD scholarships within Images and International Security in the Department of Political Science 01/05/2014
Associate professor in Operations Research 04/05/2014
Associate Professorship in international law with specific focus on international courts 05/05/2014
Post doc in Plant Science 05/05/2014
Associate Professor in University Science Education (211-0265) 06/05/2014
PhD scholarship in Progenitor cell migration in liver development at the Danish Stem Cell Center 09/05/2014
PhD stipends in mathematics, statistics, insurance mathematics, and mathematical finance 10/05/2014
PhD fellow in social sciences or law 11/05/2014
Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Technology and Engineering Section 12/05/2014
PhD Position in Infection and Immunity 12/05/2014
Postdoctoral position in psychiatry 12/05/2014
Post Doc - Food structure, functionality and satiety 14/05/2014
Post-doctoral position in Primary Cilia, Centrosomes and Ciliopathies 20/05/2014
PhD fellowship in Drug lead identification 26/05/2014
PhD scholarship in transcriptional regulation of intestinal cells at the Danish Stem Cell Center 01/06/2014
Post doctoral position in Monte Carlo simulations of biomolecules 01/06/2014
Post doctoral position - Structural studies of full-length membrane-bound receptors and transporters 02/06/2014
1 PhD Scholarship in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 15/06/2014
PhD fellowships at Department of Food and Resource Economics 15/06/2014
Postdoctoral Research Position within Implicit Complexity and Term Rewriting 15/06/2014
Professorship in Veterinary Clinical Pathology 31/07/2014