Vacancies at the University of Copenhagen

Here you can see the matching vacancies at the University of Copenhagen.
Job Deadline
Position as Postdoctoral fellow in Medicinal Chemistry of Antibiotics 25/04/2014
Professorship in Plant Molecular Biology 25/04/2014
Post-doctoral position in the area of Plant Pathway Discovery 26/04/2014
Associate Professor in Evolutionary Ecology 27/04/2014
A postdoc position in the section for Biologics 30/04/2014
Associate Professor in Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology and Climate Change 30/04/2014
PhD Fellowship in Molecular Neurogenetics 30/04/2014
PhD Fellow in Landscape Management and Collaborative Planning 01/05/2014
PhD Fellowship in Membrane Receptor Pharmacology, Structure & Function 01/05/2014
PhD Position available in Chemical Biology: Chemistry (PhD-grant) 01/05/2014
PhD Position available in Chemical Biology: Combinatorial Methods (PhD-grant) 01/05/2014
PhD scholarship in Economics: Health investments and Retirement 01/05/2014
PhD Scholarship in Theoretical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry 01/05/2014
PhD scholarship Understanding Intergenerational Transmissions 01/05/2014
PhD scholarship: Mathematical Psychology 01/05/2014
PhD scholarships at Copenhagen Graduate School of Social Sciences 01/05/2014
Postdoc Position in Molecular Microbiology 01/05/2014
Postdoc Position in Molecular Microbiology 01/05/2014
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theoretical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry 01/05/2014
Postdoctoral Positions at the Department of Anthropology 01/05/2014
Two PhD scholarships within Images and International Security in the Department of Political Science 01/05/2014
Associate professor in Operations Research 04/05/2014
Associate Professorship in international law with specific focus on international courts 05/05/2014
Post doc in Plant Science 05/05/2014
Associate Professor in University Science Education (211-0265) 06/05/2014
Associate Professorship in Experimental Control of Hepatitis C Virus 08/05/2014
Associate Professorship in Molecular Imaging Technology 08/05/2014
PhD fellowship in Computational RNA Biology 08/05/2014
PhD Scholarship in Structural Biophysics 08/05/2014
PhD scholarship in Progenitor cell migration in liver development at the Danish Stem Cell Center 09/05/2014
Position as Postdoctoral fellow in MS- and NMR based metabolomics 09/05/2014
PhD stipends in mathematics, statistics, insurance mathematics, and mathematical finance 10/05/2014
PhD fellow in social sciences or law 11/05/2014
Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Technology and Engineering Section 12/05/2014
PhD Position in Infection and Immunity 12/05/2014
Postdoctoral position in psychiatry 12/05/2014
Post Doc - Food structure, functionality and satiety 14/05/2014
PhD Scholarship in Mars research - Niels Bohr Institute 15/05/2014
Post-doctoral position in Primary Cilia, Centrosomes and Ciliopathies 20/05/2014
Postdoc for Earth and Planetary System Science 22/05/2014
PhD fellowship in Drug lead identification 26/05/2014
PhD scholarship in transcriptional regulation of intestinal cells at the Danish Stem Cell Center 01/06/2014
Post doctoral position in Monte Carlo simulations of biomolecules 01/06/2014
Vacant PhD fellowship(s) at Copenhagen Center for Glycomics (CCG) 01/06/2014
Post doctoral position - Structural studies of full-length membrane-bound receptors and transporters 02/06/2014
1 PhD Scholarship in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 15/06/2014
PhD fellowships at Department of Food and Resource Economics 15/06/2014
PhD scholarship at the Bioinformatics Center 15/06/2014
Postdoctoral Research Position within Implicit Complexity 15/06/2014
Associate Professorship in Social Anthropology 19/06/2014
Professorship in Veterinary Clinical Pathology 31/07/2014